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We specialise in bespoke experiential campaigns, using our custom trucks, marketing trailers, and promo vans.  

Whether you're running a campaign to raise awareness, wanting to promote a product or service, or looking to connect with supporters, customers or employees, our vehicles can provide you with the perfect event space.  

Our vehicles are designed by our creative team who work with our production team and fabrication partners to bring ideas to life.  

We'll start by taking the time to understand your objectives and come up with a detailed brief From there we'll work with you to identify the perfect vehicle and transform it into a unique venue, designed completely around your needs.  

Whether we're working on an existing vehicle or building a new marketing trailer, everything we do is underpinned by attention to detailWe can create beautiful finishes with materials that can withstand being packed up and taken on the road; so they still look great, even after travelling for thousands of miles.

Our trucks are always memorable and because they're branded on the outside as well as the inside, they'll draw attention, even on the motorway or at a large event.  

Our vehices are available to hire for anything from a few weeks to several months, or even years.  Each comes with a driver who is also responsible for overseeing setup and packdown and can be used in combination with our roadshow management solutions to ensure maximum effectiveness.




Our vehicles are available for long and short-term hire.  We use our existing inventory as well as working with our fabrication partners to design and build new units.