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Everything we do is bespoke so when you talk to us you'll find that every idea is on the table!  If what you see on our website doesn't quite fit your plans then still get in touch to discuss how we can help.  Every picture you see on this site started out as a discussion and a sharing of ideas and then turned into something incredible.

Help! We don't really know where to start!

We hear this all the time!  Actually, most of our phone calls start with this line and it isn't a problem.  We can work through your ideas and come up with some solutions to fit your budget.  If you don't know your budget then we will have examples of previous projects that we can use to start discussions.  Key questions to ask yourself are:

• What am I trying to achieve?

• Am I looking to use a vehicle and if so what size?

• Where do I want to go and over what timeframe?

• How long will I want the tour to last in total?

• What is the limit of my budget?

If you are able to answer at least some of these questions when you talk to us then that would be a really good start!

Can you help us design our campaign?

We certainly can! We very much specialise in campaign delivery but our approach is always bespoke and we can bring in our creative and marketing partners to help with strategy and design. We can also work alongside your own creative agencies to bring their ideas to life.

Are all of your roadshows based in vehicles?

No, while we specialise in vehicle-based campaigns and have a long history of delivering experiential events in trucks, exhibition trailers and promo vehicles we thrive on long-term relationships with our clients. This often leads to us being asked to deliver other aspects of their experiential strategy, such as retail activations, festival promotions and non-vehicle-based elements.  

Do you sell vehicles?

We mainly offer vehicles and trailers for long and short-term hire in combination with our roadshow services. We don’t have any pre-owned vehicles available for sale. Occasionally where a particular campaign needs a new vehicle or where the client wants to buy rather than rent we will work with them to facilitate the design and build of the vehicle which we will then manage. 

We don't sell vehicles where we have no involvement in the ongoing programme.

What is the cost of renting a trailer?

There are many things that will have an impact on the cost of hire, including type of vehicle, length of time it's hired for, the distance it will travel, the number of events it will be used for, the amount of customisation that is required and how many of our staff you will use.  It's unlikely we will be able to give you a full quote in our first conversation, but we are happy to have an initial chat with you and would hope to be able to give you an indication of the budget you will need.   

Are your vehicles available for short-term hire?

Yes, we offer long and short-term contracts.  Some of our roadshows last for just a few weeks whilst others have been on the road for a number of years.  We often rent trailers for a single day event and even then can fully customise the unit if budget allows.

We want a vehicle for short-term hire.  Can it still be customised?

Yes, we can customise the vehicle whether you want it for a day, two days or two years.  Most clients choose not to do extreme customisations on vehicles that are only needed for a short period, but it's certainly possible.  We will provide you with a full budget and visuals to consider and these can be tweaked to meet your budget.

We own our own trailer.  Can you manage it for us?

Yes, providing we can offer you the right solution this is something that we can do, and have done with a number of clients.

How quickly can our roadshow start?

We maintain an inventory of vehicles and if there is one available we can turn it around and have it on the road within a small number of weeks (depending on the level of customisation needed).  Talk to us and we can give you an honest answer as to how quickly we can get things started as this varies depending on the time of year.

Do you build vehicles in-house?

We are experts in designing mobile experiential marketing campaigns, of which our custom vehicles are just one part.  We can build new vehicles in-house, and we also work with trusted partners who are based on the same site as us on some of our bespoke builds.  Whoever is carrying out the work, our team takes the lead at all times, ensuring that the finished result is not only what our clients are looking for but also works practically once on the road.

Do we need to find our own drivers?

No, we provide a full service, including drivers for all sizes of vehicles.  The unit will be delivered to you, set up and packed down.  We can also provide support during events, depending on your needs.

Do you offer a self-drive option on your vehicles?

We can offer a self-drive option with some of our smaller trailers, in some circumstances where certain criteria can be met.  This would include sufficient insurances being in place and the driver having the correct licences to be able to tow.  Not all of our vehicles and trailers are suitable for self-drive as the builds are more complex and they are too valuable for us to send out without our own team.  If you are interested in a self-drive option then get in touch with us and we can discuss what is possible.

Can we use our own staff?

As a minimum, we will typically provide a driver who will deliver and set up the unit and then remain onsite to manage the vehicle.

On event days you may want to use your own staff.  Alternatively, we can provide event staff to supplement your team, or we can handle everything on your behalf.  All staff provided by us are matched to the client and will go through an induction and training programme to ensure they can represent your brand.  Most clients find that having our team involved is a massive plus as they're used to life on the road and working in customer-facing roles.

With some of our smaller trailers we can just drop the unit onsite, set it up and leave it with you for the event, coming back to collect it at the end.  We can also offer a self-drive option on some of our trailers.  We will talk through the various staffing options with you at the start and work out the best approach for you.

How long does it take to set up a vehicle onsite?

Depending on the size of the vehicle we can be set up and open to the public in as little as an hour after arriving at your site.  Some of the larger units with complex internal displays take longer to set up but no more than a few hours. 

Do your trailers plug into mains power or do they have an onboard generator?

Most of our units can run on mains power and some come fitted with a built-in generator for times when mains power isn't available.  

They can plug into power sources ranging from a 13amp domestic socket to a 63amp 3-phase supply, depending on the vehicle.

Where a unit doesn't have an integral generator we can provide a portable generator.

Which countries do you work in?

We are based in England, but our tours travel throughout Europe, including France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, the Republic of Ireland, Austria, Finland, Italy, Hungary and Poland.

Our parent company is based in Kentucky, USA.


How quickly can I launch my roadshow?

This will depend on whether we have trailers and drivers available.  If we do then we can produce graphics and have you on the road within a week or two.  You will need to have booked sites and have everything in place on your side though.  Typically anyone just starting out in roadshows needs a few months lead time and we can work with you to make sure you have everything in place.  If you've done roadshows previously then you may be able to get started much more quickly!  Have a chat with us and we'll help you get started as soon as possible.

Do I need to have my own driver?

No, we will provide your driver.  We don't offer a self-drive service so our driver will deliver the trailer to each of your sites, set it up, pack it down and make sure it is always clean and ready for your visitors.

What will my trailer look like?

Included in the most basic package is one of our trailers with spot graphics, usually on the 'wings' and 'header board'.  You can then add further graphics, equipment, furniture, and customisations according to your budget.  You can either hire these additional elements through us or if you already have them then we can carry them for you.  You can get inspiration on our Marketing & Exhibition Trailers page.

Does the £7,499 cover everything?

The £7,499 is a starting price which covers a trailer with spot graphics, a towing vehicle, plus a driver, all on a seven-day hire.  Also included is an allowance to cover on-the-road costs such as fuel, tolls and parking.  The allowance is enough to cover 3-4 locations within the mainland UK over the seven-day period.  Not included are venue hire fees, any costs related to your own staff, products for giveaways, marketing materials, furniture hire or other 'add-ons' that you might want to add to your package.  We would also need to ask you to book hotel rooms for the driver on any nights that they are away from home.

Can my roadshow run for more than a week?

Absolutely!  The £7,499 is a starting price and is designed to give businesses and organisations the chance to give roadshows a try with a relatively low-cost package, but we know that a week is a short period of time!  You can add a second week and as some of the costs are already covered in the first week we can provide a separate cost for weeks two onwards.  Get in touch to discuss this with us.

I only want to do one location, do you have a package that can help me?

Yes, we can provide a customised version of the Roadshow Starter Package which is designed for single-location events.  Get in touch for more details.