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Here are some of the questions that potential clients most often ask us.  Still have a question?  We'd love to answer it!  Please get in touch and we'll come back to you shortly.

Remember, everything we do is bespoke so when you talk to us you'll find that every idea is on the table!  If what you see on our website doesn't quite fit your plans then still get in touch to discuss how we can help.  Every picture you see on this site started out as an open discussion and a sharing of ideas, which turned into something incredible.

Do you sell vehicles?

We mainly offer vehicles for long and short term hire, with a combination of our other roadshow services.  We find that this is the best option for most of our clients as they can avoid capital investment upfront and can hand the vehicle back at the end of their contract.  By using our services clients also benefit from having professionals handle staffing, compliance, and logistics, all of which are often underestimated.

Having said that, we are aware that in some settings an outright purchase can be a better option than keeping a trailer on long-term hire.  We are always open to discuss this and, in fact, some of our clients have opted to buy a trailer and then engage us to provide the necessary support services that they need.

As with everything, our approach and pricing are completely bespoke so we are open to exploring all options.

What is the cost of renting a trailer?

There are many things that will have an impact on the cost of hire, including type of vehicle, length of time it's hired for, distance it will travel, number of events it will be used for, the amount of customisation that is required and how many of our staff you will use.  It's unlikely we will be able to give you a full quote in our first conversation, but we are happy to have an initial chat with you and would hope to be able to give you an indication of cost.   

Are your vehicles available for short term hire?

Yes, we offer long and short term contracts.  Some of our roadshows last for just a few weeks whilst others have been on the road for a number of years.  

Often we are not the best option for a very short hire (typically anything less than a few weeks) but we work with some great companies that we are happy to recommend.

We want a vehicle for short term hire.  Can it still be customised?

Yes, we can customise the vehicle whether you want it for 2 months or two years.  Most clients choose not to do extreme customisations on vehicles that are only needed for a short period, but it's certainly possible.  We will provide you with a full budget and visuals to consider and these can be tweaked to meet your budget.

We own our own trailer.  Can you manage it for us?

Yes, providing we can offer you the right solution this is something that we can do, and have done with a number of clients.

How quickly can we have our vehicle?

We maintain an inventory of vehicles and if there is one available we can turn it around and have it on the road within around 8 weeks of you signing a contract (depending on the level of customisation needed). 

If we're looking at a new build then it will take longer and will be dependent on the size and type of vehicle needed.  Typically you should allow 6-7 months for any new build, although lead times are currently a little longer due to shortages of materials.

We're always realistic about budget and timeframes, so you can go forward and plan with certainty.

Do you build vehicles in-house?

We are experts in designing and delivering roadshows, of which our custom vehicles are just one part.  We do not build new vehicles in-house, however where a new build is needed we work with trusted partners and project manage the whole process.

Our network includes fabricators, electricians, HVAC experts and graphics installation specialists.  Each has been chosen as they are established in their field and share our values and high standards.

Our team takes the lead at all times, ensuring that the finished result is not only what our clients are looking for but also works practically once on the road.

Do we need to find our own drivers?

No, we provide a full service, including drivers for all sizes of vehicles.  The unit will be delivered to you, set up and packed down.  We can also provide support during events, depending on your needs.

Do you offer self-drive vehicles?

We offer a fully-managed service and as a minimum we will provide a driver who will ensure safe delivery of the vehicle, set it up, pack it down, oversee it during the activation and ensure it is cleaned and maintained to a high standard before each of your events.  

We do not currently offer self-drive vehicles.

Can we use our own staff?

As a minimum, we will provide a driver who will deliver and set up the unit and then remain onsite to manage the vehicle.

On event days you may want to use your own staff.  Alternatively, we can provide event staff to supplement your team, or we can handle everything on your behalf.  All staff provided by us are matched to the client and will go through an induction and training programme to ensure they can represent your brand.  Most clients find that having our team involved is a massive plus as they're used to life on the road and working in customer facing roles.

How long does it take to set up a vehicle onsite?

Depending on the size of the vehicle we can be set up and open to the public in as little as two hours after arriving at your site.  Some of the larger units take longer to set up but no more than a few hours. 

A lot is dependent on what's going on inside the trailer.  For example, a fully immersive experience using props and technology can take a bit longer than a mobile classroom or exhibition van, which require very little set up.

Do your trailers plug into mains power or do they have an onboard generator?

Our units can run on mains power but most come fitted with a built-in generator for times when mains power isn't available.  

They can plug into power sources ranging from a 13amp domestic socket through to a 63amp 3 phase supply, depending on the vehicle.

Which countries do you work in?

We are based in England, but our tours travel throughout Europe, including France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, Austria, Finland, Italy, Hungary and Poland.

Our parent company is based in Kentucky, USA.

Are your roadshows Covid Safe?

We comply with the latest guidelines in whichever country we are working, and we work with our clients to ensure routes are safe and adapted as circumstances change.  We have enhanced cleaning protocols and products to ensure the physical environment is kept clean and we have reduced capacity numbers to allow for greater distancing inside our trailers.