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 We partner with brands, working alongside them to develop experiential roadshow strategies and impactful brand activations.

Our campaigns take messages directly to potential customers, putting products right into their hands and allowing them to see, taste, feel, hear and experience. We specialise in product demonstrations, employee engagement programmes, retail sampling campaigns, visitor attractions, fully immersive experiences, and much much more.  All are fully mobile and housed in our custom trucks and marketing trailers

But successful campaigns are about more than creative ideas and eye-catching trucks.

Our logistics services ensure there are no unnecessary dramas, while our team of touring experts is trained to anticipate every problem while delivering the best experience for visitors. 

So far we've taken our international roadshows into 14 European countries and we draw on over two decades of experience in logistics, haulage, shipping, and event staffing to make sure everything stays on track.

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1. Increased Reach: Take your brand on the road and reach a broader audience; visit multiple locations and engage with diverse demographics.

2. Cost Efficiency: Save on recurring tradeshow expenses while maximising your marketing budget by targeting specific regions and events.

3. Personalised Engagement: Connect with potential clients more personally, fostering deeper relationships and understanding their unique needs.

4. Flexibility: Adapt to market trends and respond to customer feedback swiftly, thanks to the agility of a roadshow setup.

5. Brand Consistency: Maintain a consistent brand image across various locations, reinforcing your identity in the minds of your target audience.

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Medical Devices Roadshow

We worked with a major supplier of medical devices to deliver a unique roadshow, visiting hospitals around the South East of England...

UK Power Networks "Toolkit Trailer" Case Study

We have worked with UK Power Networks to deliver a roadshow which introduces the latest version of their RMU to key teams across their region...

BMG Partners With Extreme Sport Horseboarding UK

BMG is delighted to support extreme sport Horseboarding UK in 2024 following the success of our partnership in the 2023 season...

BMG Partners With Dream Marketing International To Deliver Rail Roadshow

BMG partnered with Dream Marketing International to deliver the Spring 2023 Rail Roadshow which visited eight key rail locations...

Smart Energy Lab Case Study

The Smart Energy Lab was created by BMG and was the first solar-powered mobile experience...

Choosing The Right Roadshow Partner

If you're thinking about running a roadshow you'll want to make sure you choose the right suppliers. We asked some of our contacts what advice they'd give to someone looking for a new roadshow partner...

Gravity Media At The British Grand Prix

We were proud to work with Gravity Media to provide a double-pod expandable trailer to use as a production unit for their outside broadcast at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone...

Compassion UK Case Study

Compassion is a leading charity, working in 25 developing countries to release children from poverty. The Compassion Experience has seen thousands of children sponsored through our immersive experience...

10 Ways To Use A Vehicle In Your Marketing Activities

Maybe you've thought about using a vehicle as part of your marketing activity but you're not sure where to start. Here's some ideas for incorporating vehicles into your campaign...

What To Consider When Choosing An Outdoor Marketing Unit

From shipping container conversions to expanding trucks and complex temporary structures, there are so many options to consider when you're choosing a marketing unit...

Lessons I Learnt While Managing An Experiential Roadshow

Tony Roberts spent three years on the road managing the Compassion Experience. Here he reflects on some of his experiences of life on the road...

IBM Security Case Study

IBM’s ’X-Force Command’ asked us to deliver their cybersecurity roadshow across the USA and Europe. We visited 13 countries and 18 cities in just over 12 months...

Marketing Roadshows: Tips To Help You Succeed

Marketing roadshows can be an incredible tool but pulling off successful roadshows takes work. Check out these tips for success...

Is A Vehicle-Based Marketing Roadshow Right For You?

If you’re hoping for face-to-face contact with clients or prospects then you may already be thinking about a vehicle-based roadshow...

Gold Winner For Best Mobile Marketing Tour

Our work with IBM has won the Gold award for Best Mobile Marketing Tour at the Event Marketer 'Ex Awards'...


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