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 We deliver product sampling and demonstration campaigns in shopping centres, high streets, business premises, city centres, commuter and transport hubs, festivals, and events.  Each uses one of our custom promotional vehicles for added visual impact.

We can develop a creative campaign from scratch or work with an existing agency to deliver as part of a wider brief.  

Either way, our team will work hard to put your products straight into the hands of your target audience; ensuring ROI is achieved and brand representation is on point.

Our product sampling events vary in size and range from a single day activations to roadshows lasting several weeks.   Regardless of scale, we have the resources to deliver successful campaigns that run efficiently and capture customers’ attention.  Additionally, our capabilities in logistics and planning allow us to handle more complex campaigns and to offer complete solutions for transporation, storage, inventory management and warehousing.


• Nothing beats being able to see, taste, hear and feel a product

• Target consumers don't need to invest time or effort in order to engage with your product

• Sampling creates brand awareness and brand loyalty, leaving consumers more likely to purchase your product

• Activations are always located in areas with high footfall and offer a point of purchase, ensuring immediate opportunities for brand recognition and sales

• Quick wins can be achieved when products reach consumers who were already considering a purchase or switch from another product

• You can receive face to face feedback from potential customers

• A sampling event is a great opportunity to demonstrate your confidence in your product 


Our people are truly one of the best things about us and they love being on the road!

We can supply dedicated event staff for each campaign we manage, and we always match the team to the client, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

Our staff are used to working alongside client teams, blending seamlessly so that visitors would never notice the difference. We can also work independently to deliver an entire roadshow or product campaign on our own.

Our teams maintain up to date Health and Safety training and our Tour Managers are First Aid trained. Depending on the needs of the campaign we can supply:

 • Brand Ambassadors
• Promo Staff
• Specialist Staff
• Presenters
• Set-Up Crew 
• Tour Managers

Staff At Events