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Marketing trucks, promo vehicles, exhibition trailers and show trucks.  Whatever type you're looking at, vehicles that form part of your marketing and promotional activities can have a massive impact.  They're eye catching, people love having their photo taken with them and we often find that when they arrive onsite people act like a rock star has just walked in!  

Maybe you've thought about using a vehicle as part of your marketing activity but you're not sure where to start.  Here's some ideas for incorporating vehicles into your campaigns:


1. Employee Engagement Programmes

Senseonics Interior Session

Larger expanding trailers are a great option for employee training and reward programmes.  You can drive them onto an existing site, giving you a venue away from the office, without the cost and logistical challenges of taking people away for a few hours or days at a time.  What's more they offer masses of flexibility in terms of how you can use the space, and they can be used entirely standalone or alongside other activities as part of a wider programme.  

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2. Product Sampling Campaigns

Cobblestone Sandwiches

Smaller open fronted unitsbranded vans and vintage vehicles lend themselves to creative product sampling campaigns.  Use them to draw people in, tell them what you have to offer and then give consumers the chance to taste, smell, see and try your product.  In any product sampling campaign the vehicle should double up as a storage area - making sure you can keep plenty of your product close at hand - as well as being creative enough to offer the perfect photo opportunity. 

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3. Immersive Experiences


Compassion Experience UK

From Escape Rooms to fully immersive experiences that use the latest technology, there are no limits to what can be achieved in a vehicle!  We create fully immersive games themed around a brand or product or come up with unique concepts specifically designed around a campaign.   By immersing your visitors in your brand or message you can create lasting memories which influence future brand loyalty. 

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4. Mobile Exhibition Booths


LG Exhibition Unit

With so many events and expo's cancelled in the last 12 months many brands have pivoted and turned a vehicle into their own exhibition booth.  Not only has this turned out to be more cost effective but many have found they can make their presentation much more targeted, and as a result see higher returns.  As live events come back this strategy can be continued, using the same units at, or alongside, traditional events, therefore maximising on investment. 

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5. Sales Programme Temporary Showrooms


Corvette Showroom

From new product launches to special sales events, vehicles and temporary structures can be an incredible way to draw attention to your product, drive sales and increase visibility for your campaign.  Full scale showrooms can pop up in areas of high footfall and then be moved on to another location overnight, ready to do it all again! 

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6. Promo Vehicles For Social Media Campaigns

IBM Mercedes Arena

Why not make a vehicle the centrepiece of your social media campaign?  From vintage campervans to double decker buses, airstreams to H vans, there are so many beautiful vehicles which can be fully customised, branded and taken to amazing and unusual places.  Take them to areas of high footfall and use them for selfie opportunities, or take a vehicle to an incredible or iconic location and let the photo speak for itself! 

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7. Product Demonstration Centres


Vollrath Kitchen Display

What better way to show what your product can do than by having it completely set up for people to see.  From fully working kitchen appliances to welding machines and HVAC equipment we have done it all - and so have our visitors!  Larger vehicles can offer great opportunities for hands on testing while smaller vehicles can be used to create demonstration areas in busy locations.  Whatever the vehicle size any product will benefit from being shown in a live enviroment. 

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8. Supplier / Distributor Engagement Roadshows


Rinnai Roadshow

In our post-Covid world supplier and distributor engagement roadshows are becoming ever more popular.  Most utilise smaller branded vehicles with selected products and knowledgeable sales staff.  They can easily visit business premises reaching important suppliers and distributors with the latest product ranges without relying on exhibitions and events.

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9. Training, Meeting & Consultation Centres


Bobcat Training Centre

Complete with the latest technology and able to travel to pretty much anywhere, a mobile training, meeting and consultation centre can be an incredibly useful and cost effective way of reaching staff and stakeholders.  With very little customisation the focus can be shifted depending on the campaign and by using technology it's possible to create a completely bespoke feel within a fairly static environment. 

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10. Pop-Up Retail Showrooms

Zyn Pop Up Shop

As well as promoting products, trailers make great pop up shops! Sampling programmes can lead seamlessley into retail experiences where Brand Ambassadors work to promote products and drive sales.  Vehicles can be equipped with wifi to facilitiate card sales and support vehicles can carry stock and product supplies.  When located in areas of high footfall these pop up retail showrooms can generate significant sales opportunities. 

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At Brewco Marketing Group we work with leading brands to deliver thousands of event days each year.  Travelling through the UK, Europe and North America, we've been delivering marketing tours and roadshows for 25 years.   For a no obligation chat about how we can help you get starte with your own roadshow get in touch