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From shipping container conversions to expanding trucks and complex temporary structures, there are so many options to consider when you're choosing a marketing unit.  It's easy to get carried away and choose something which looks incredible in a photo but is impractical for your use.  

Part of our role when working with clients is to take them through the options and narrow them down to the right solution.  Sometimes clients come to us with a really clear vision, having been inspired by something they've seen on Instagram or at an event, and we work with them to deliver something as close to that vision as possible while making sure all the practical issues are considered.  At other times we start with a blank sheet and work with them to create a brief which we can then match to the most appropriate vehicle.


We will start by looking at the objectives of the campaign; what do they need to achieve with the marketing unit?  Do they want to host groups of people or have one-to-one consultations?  Are they looking for a static display or something interactive?  Do they want people to be able to look in and see what's going on inside or do they want to keep inside activities hidden and use signage and Brand Ambassadors outside, directing people towards the unit?  

What facilities do they need inside?  Are they looking a single space or would they benefit from separate areas, such as a kitchen or meeting room?

Once the critical components are identified it’s easier to work out whether a particular unit is going to work or not.


Is the brand sleek and minimalist, corporate and trustworthy, or young, cool and funky?

Generally, businesses will want the marketing unit to fit with their brand rather than jarring with it, although sometimes the opposite can be true and the unit can be a statement in itself.  

Sometimes a really cool promo vehicle can be exactly the right choice but help is needed to source the right vehicle so that the original idea is realised.


Given the broad range of options available, budget can be a significant factor in deciding on the best unit for any campaign.  It's important to not only consider the cost of hiring the unit but also the cost of moving it from A to B, fuel, tolls, parking and other costs.  These additional costs can make a big difference to the overall budget so it’s important to take them into account from the beginning.

A shipping container conversion may seem like a great option but by the time the cost of moving it around has been factored in it may no longer fit within the budget, whereas an expanding truck might give the same amount of useable space and be much easier and cheaper to move around.  We will always work with our clients to provide creative options that fit within their budget but realistically cost is often the deciding factor.


Units can vary from a fast 30 minute setup through to several hours for a larger truck with a canopy and extensive external setup.  Other temporary structures can take even longer, so it's important to take account of programme schedule and turnaround times when considering the various options.  

If you plan to visit a different location each day and pack 10 locations into a three-week period then you will need to go for a unit that is quick to set up and pack down.  If your schedule is based around staying in one location for days at a time then you can afford to choose a more complex unit with a longer setup time.  

The company that you're hiring from should be able to give you a realistic indication of how the vehicle will work within your schedule.

Venue & Footfall

Some units will be too big for some venues.  Others may be too small and seem lost amongst the crowds.

If you’re visiting venues where there is high footfall but people are in a hurry, for example, a city centre or transport hub, then you will do better with an open-fronted unit or eye-catching promo vehicle where you can engage with passers-by on the outside.  If you are looking to engage with your audience in a more relaxed environment or on an invitation basis then a closed unit where you can host visitors inside may be a more appropriate option.

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