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Introducing Our 14m Double Expandable Wardrobe Trailer


Unique in movie production vehicles.  A single self-contained, self-sufficient, space and time-saving trailer, capable of being its own 50sq meter wardrobe department with 18.5sq meters of storage in transit.

This £600,000 trailer can be parked up and ready to work within 2 hrs, with the same internal space as up to 2.5 conventional costume trucks but with an overall smaller footprint and transported by one tractor unit.

The rear door and tail lift make the loading and unloading of costumes, heavy equipment and furniture easy.  While, built in external lights provide an easy solution around the trailer in the dark hours.

Grace has three main side entrances / exits which allows the interior to be split into different sections for dressing; providing great privacy, quick turnaround of cast and avoiding long queues.

Once on board the comprehensive heating and air conditioning system allows you to control the climate in virtually any weather conditions, even with the doors open; while the split thermostatic control allows for temperature control at different levels at each side of the trailer.

With the addition of dehumidifiers, the area can be used overnight for light costume drying and further customisations are available to make her fully equipped to your specifications.

Grace is self-levelling, self-contained and self- sufficient.  She is available for short and long term rental.


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