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If you’re hoping for face-to-face contact with clients or prospects then you may already be thinking about a vehicle-based roadshow.  This format offers real benefits, particularly during the coming months, when large-scale events may continue to be disrupted, and confidence amongst event-goers may not have fully returned.

As with other events, things in the world of roadshows will be different as we head into the coming months.  Yet, the good news is that vehicle-based events naturally lend themselves to smaller and more focussed gatherings that can be more easily adapted and be made as safe as necessary, depending on local risk levels. 

We've been working with clients to reimagine their roadshows for 2021 and 2022.  Most will have more sessions over a longer period, with fewer visitors in each session. This, combined with social distancing and hygiene measures, should mean that some clients can get back to face-to-face campaigns earlier than they'd hoped.

Vehicle-based roadshows offer a high level of control for event organisers

One of the clear advantages of vehicle-based events is that the vehicles can move around. They can go to where the target audience is based and don't rely on visitors having to take flights or public transport. 

The schedule can be re-routed if local restrictions change or a planned destination is no longer viable; and where vehicles are set up in free-of-charge spaces (such as office car parks), venue hire costs can be avoided, and changes to the schedule won't result in painful cancellation fees.

While many people may not feel comfortable travelling too far - even if restrictions don't apply - brands that have the ability to visit their audience on a local level can get ahead of the game, engaging potential customers they may have otherwise failed to reach. 
Additionally, vehicle-based roadshows offer greater control for organisers and can help them be confident that they can protect their visitors.  Social distancing measures and enhanced cleaning schedules remain under organiser control and don't rely on the policies of a hotel or conference centre.

Vehicle-based roadshows offer an early step forwards towards live events

Covid aside, roadshows are a great option for any business that wants to re-connect with its target audience in the real world.

Whilst everyone has been relying on virtual interaction, people have begun to crave human contact more than ever.  Vehicle-based roadshows can provide a safe, reassuring setting and be a good first step away from virtual.

Experiential and immersive roadshows, in particular, can have an incredible impact as brands come to life and interact directly with the visitor.  Employee or training roadshows can be used to reward staff, introduce them to the benefits or values of a product, embed company culture, and lead to greater engagement.  While product sampling roadshows, which give visitors the opportunity to see, taste, and touch products, can never be replicated in a virtual setting.  All of these types of roadshows can be reinvented and delivered in a Covid-safe way.

No matter what the purpose of the roadshow or who it is designed to appeal to, we often find that one of the biggest impacts in a vehicle-based campaign is the vehicle itself.  We love seeing visitors have their photos taken with our trucks and many of our clients recognise that the vehicle adds something special to their event.

So, is a vehicle-based roadshow right for you?  

• Do you usually take part in events, tradeshows, or conferences?
• Do you have a creative vision for your product?
• Do you want potential customers to see, feel, and experience your brand?
• Are you looking for a way to inspire or train staff?
• Do you want to reintroduce face-to-face contact with your audience but need to be sure you can only do it safely?

If you think this strategy could work for you or just want to chat through some ideas, get in touch and we can help you to plan your next (or maybe first) roadshow.

At Brewco Marketing Group we work with leading brands to deliver thousands of event days each year.  Travelling through the UK, Europe and North America, we've been delivering marketing tours and roadshows for 25 years.   For a no obligation chat about how we can help you get starte with your own roadshow get in touch